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Anyone ever hear of
Has anyone used or has any information about this web site? They claim do provide cheap background checks, and are owned by Skip Smasher, Inc.

Crimesmasher was created by the author of The Investigator's Little Black Book and is an excellent resource for researchers and investigators.  The author is a licensed P.I. and offers a great site at an affordable price.  One thing to consider though: when doing a statewide search, not all states have their agencies submit all their information.  Example: Texas has about 67% of their counties submitting their information to the Texas DPS.  Therefore, to ensure you get all the up to date information, do not rely only on statewide searches.  Make sure county searches are conducted.  This will help protect you and the individuals rights under FCRA law.  Before ordering anything from anyone, make sure they would be able to provide county searches because some information on a state level may not be the same at the county level.  From experience, I located information on a state level, but at the county level it was sealed.  I would have been in violation of a court order if I relied solely on the statewide data.  Do both statewide and county searches and you will be better off. is a horrible website. They are unable to locate a know FELONY conviction!

One question in my mind is that can anyone find any records just by entering the details in the form provided, and do it give updated results?

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