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What is Courtport?

Courtport® is a research tool for professionals. It enables its users to complete due diligence on companies and individuals, instantly. In addition to litigation, bankruptcy, and other public records, you can search criminal records, such as prison and jail inmate logs, outstanding warrants, and sex offender registries.

Who can benefit from Courtport services?

Our subscribers include attorneys, paralegals, legal-industry professionals, private investigators, financial analysts, media personnel, academics, insurance adjusters, and many others.

What makes the Courtport different?

Our portal is one of the most comprehensive and unique of its kind. We’ve indexed thousands of links and continue to grow. Our related blog and discussion forums provide a unique community for collaboration and communication. 

What can I research with Courtport?

You can research civil and criminal litigation, bankruptcy, property records, background-check information, financial records, and much more.  Case information includes docket sheets, filings, rulings, calendars, motions, and other related documents, many of which are not available from the major-information providers. Additionally we maintain one of the largest criminal-record portals on the Web. Find inmate records, arrest warrants, and sex offender information easily.

How current and comprehensive are your resources?

Expert researchers check for new links daily and make sure current links are not expired or inactive. Subscribers receive automatic email notifications when new links are added.

How is your pricing structured?

To access our portal, we charge an economical annual subscription. Pricing is based on the number of users/seats/licenses. Detailed Pricing Information

How do I subscribe?

Click here for a free trial or annual subscription. The first step is verifying your email address.

Do you offer free subscriptions to schools?

Yes. If you use an email address that ends with .EDU you may obtain instant access, otherwise you must contact us to set up your account.

What happened to Legal Dockets Online?

All services of Legal Dockets Online (LegalDockets.com) have been improved, expanded, and relocated to our new home, Courtport.com.