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A Community of Researchers

Courtport® is known for accurate, effective research tools, personalized service, affordable pricing, and innovative technology. But, we’re more than a research site, we’re a community. Share information and developments with your peers on the CourtPort® blog and forum, or write and publish an research article. Courtport® helps you keep abreast of changes that affect your business or practice.

Tools for Professionals

Professional researchers require professional tools. CourtPort® saves your company effort and expense by indexing and maintaining the most user-friendly, focused collection of online public record resources. Although there are several free, public record collections on the Web, they’re often incomplete, out of date, display distracting advertisements, and may contain hidden fees. Every resource in our portal is regularly updated and tested by industry experts.

Flat-Rate Subscriptions. No Hidden Fees

Our pricing is straightforward and affordable. Flat-rate annual subscriptions start at just $199 per year for up to two users/licenses, with no hidden fees. For a limited time, we are offering a 30-day free trial, so your firm can "kick the tires" before subscribing.